Inficon vacuum components, leak detectors and gas analysis systems

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Product UNIT PRICE Delivery Product link
007-023 GBP 149.65 5 - 7 Weeks
711-202-G11 GBP 459.54 5 - 7 Weeks
521-012 GBP 2383.48 8 - 10 Weeks
351-010 ( MPG400) GBP 1473.44 7 - 9 Weeks
521-010 GBP 409.66 9 - 11 Weeks
R1234yf GBP 3509.42 13 - 15 Weeks
3PC1-001-0203 GBP 564.74 7 - 9 Weeks
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Inficon is a leading manufacturer of vacuum instrumentation, gas analysis systems, and leak detection equipment for a variety of industries. They offer a wide range of products that are used in various industrial applications. In this article, we will discuss the products offered by Inficon, the industries that use them, and the spare parts used in these products.

  1. Vacuum Components: Inficon offers a wide range of vacuum components such as vacuum gauges, vacuum valves, and vacuum fittings. These components are used in various industrial applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, refrigeration, and aerospace. Inficon's vacuum components are designed to withstand harsh environments and provide accurate readings.

  2. Leak Detectors: Inficon's leak detectors are used in various industries to detect leaks in systems such as refrigeration and air conditioning. Inficon offers a variety of leak detectors, such as the D-TEK Stratus and the Compass, which are used in applications such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and HVAC.

  3. Gas Analysis Systems: Inficon's gas analysis systems are used in various industrial applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, gas production, and research. These systems are designed to detect and measure gases in a wide range of environments. Inficon offers a variety of gas analysis systems such as the Transpector CPM and the Qulee.

  4. Optical Coating Instruments: Inficon offers a range of optical coating instruments, such as the IC-6000 and the Leybold Optics SOLAYER, which are used in the production of precision optics. These instruments are designed to provide high-quality coatings and are used in various industries such as optics, electronics, and automotive manufacturing.

  5. Thin Film Deposition Instruments: Inficon's thin film deposition instruments, such as the CMS and the XTC/2, are used in the production of thin films for various industrial applications. These instruments are used in industries such as semiconductors, optics, and electronics.

  6. Refrigerant Charging and Recovery Equipment: Inficon offers refrigerant charging and recovery equipment for the automotive industry. These products, such as the TEK-Mate and the Compass, are used for the safe handling of refrigerants during maintenance and repair of automotive air conditioning systems.

  7. Multi-Gas Analyzers: Inficon offers multi-gas analyzers such as the Contura S400 and the XTC-3 that are used in various industrial applications. These analyzers are used for monitoring gas concentrations and identifying impurities in gases. They are commonly used in the semiconductor, gas manufacturing, and research industries.

  8. Spare Parts: Inficon also provides spare parts for their products to ensure that they function properly and to prolong their lifespan. These spare parts include but are not limited to, filaments, o-rings, gaskets, valves, and sensors. They can be purchased directly from Inficon or through their authorized dealers.

In summary, Inficon offers a wide range of products for various industrial applications. From vacuum components to gas analysis systems, Inficon provides solutions for industries such as semiconductors, refrigeration, and automotive manufacturing. Inficon also offers spare parts for their products to ensure their proper functioning and longevity.

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