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Angst-Pfister brand products, including seals, gaskets, sensors, anti vibrators, hoses and springs , are available for purchase at affordable prices in the United Kingdom through Enapart. We sell many industrial brands, which includes Angst-Pfister . You can purchase all your industrial spare part requirements through our business. We only sell original and new products. We do not sell used or second-hand items. Delivering your orders straight to your doorstep with the aid of our trusted local couriers is how we offer speedy service and unbeatable prices. Enapart provides the products that you need, at affordable prices to all United Kingdom , especially in industrial cities like Sheffield, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Nottingham, London, Leeds/Yorkshire, Liverpool, Derby, Northampton, Poole, Coventry, Leicester, Birmingham, Southampton, Manchester and Telford. . To acquire the best quotation for your desired product, kindly contact us through e-mail or our contact form.

Enapart is not an authorized distributor of Angst-Pfister  in the United Kingdom ; all rights are reserved by Angst-Pfister 's manufacturers and official partners.  Enapart, with a presence in 14 countries, sources products from around the world to offer you the best possible prices as a local reseller in the United Kingdom . 

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Angst-Pfister Mastering the Art of Industrial Components

Ah, the industrial world! It’s like a clockwork universe where every tiny cog and gear matter. Dive in, and you'll find Angst-Pfister, a brand synonymous with trust and quality, orchestrating these elements to perfection. Let's journey through their illustrious range of products.

A Glimpse into Angst-Pfister

Historical Overview
From its inception, Angst-Pfister has been a force to reckon with. Over the years, their dedication to quality and innovation has made them a household name in the industrial sphere. But what makes them tick?

Product Line Diversity
It's like entering a candy store for engineers. From seals to sensors, Angst-Pfister offers a product lineup that caters to diverse industry needs. So, shall we delve deeper?

Seals: Holding the Fort

Functionality and Design
Imagine a fortress. Its walls protect the kingdom within. That's precisely the role of seals in machinery, guarding against external contaminants and internal leaks.

Types and Applications
From hydraulic to pneumatic, the range of seals by Angst-Pfister is vast. Each tailored to specific tasks, ensuring machines run efficiently.

Gaskets: Keeping it Tight

Role in Industrial Settings
Gaskets are the unsung heroes, ensuring tight connections between surfaces. It's all about preventing leaks and maintaining pressure.

Varieties and Uses
Be it metallic, non-metallic, or a fusion of both, Angst-Pfister’s gaskets are versatile. Depending on the environment, the right gasket can work wonders.

Sensors: The Silent Monitors

From Pressure to Temperature

Sensors are the vigilant eyes of machinery. Monitoring, adjusting, and alerting – they’re always on the lookout.

Deployment in Industries
Whether gauging fluid levels or detecting temperature changes, sensors are pivotal. Angst-Pfister ensures they're accurate and durable.

Anti-Vibrators: Keeping Calm

Understanding Vibrations
Ever felt the subtle vibrations in machinery? Those tiny tremors, if unchecked, can cause wear and tear.

Angst-Pfister's Approach
Anti-vibrators are like the yoga instructors for machines. They help maintain calm, minimizing vibrations and ensuring longevity.

Hoses and Springs: Flexibility and Support

Essentials of System Infrastructure
Hoses transport, while springs provide support. Both, in their unique ways, contribute to the system's harmony.

Selection and Maintenance
With a plethora of options, how do you choose? Angst-Pfister assists with selection, ensuring components fit seamlessly.
In Conclusion: The Symphony of Components

Angst-Pfister’s range of products, each playing its unique part, collectively ensure smooth industrial operations. Like a well-conducted symphony, each component, from seals to springs, plays its note to perfection.


1.Who sells Angst-Pfister or Who is Angst-Pfister distributor?

Enapart is not an authorized distributor of Angst-Pfister but you can purchase Angst-Pfister brand products such as seals, gaskets, sensors, anti vibrators, hoses and springs at affordable prices via Enapart.

2. Why are seals so pivotal in machinery?
They protect against contaminants and prevent internal leaks, ensuring optimal machine function.

3. How do gaskets differ from seals?
While both prevent leaks, gaskets seal the space between two surfaces, while seals generally encircle moving parts.

4. Are sensors only about monitoring temperatures?
No, sensors monitor a range of parameters, including pressure, fluid levels, and more.

5. Why are anti-vibrators important?
They prevent wear and tear caused by machinery vibrations, extending equipment life.

6. How often should hoses be checked or replaced?
Depending on usage and material, regular inspection is advised. Angst-Pfister can guide on maintenance and replacement schedules.

In the grand theatre of industry, it's components like these that play starring roles. With brands like Angst-Pfister leading the way, we can rest assured of a performance par excellence.